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  • Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Review – Continued. Sea Days 7 & 8

    April 23rd 2016, Day 7 – At Sea.   Well this is the morning of day 7 so we should be just over half way to Southampton and the map on the Navigation channel shows us where we are. That little red triangle in a circle is us…   What shall we do today?   […]

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  • Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Review – Continued Sea Days 5 & 6

    April 21st 2016, Day 5 – At Sea What have we in store today? As always the Celebrity Today paper has all the answers, from Art Auctions, watch seminars to game shows, cooking demonstrations, feature presentations and lots more.   Breakfast buffet on Celebrity Eclipse Our second breakfast or more like a continuation was from […]

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  • Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Review – Continued, Sea Days 3 & 4

    April 19th 2016, Day 3 – At Sea   Breakfast from the Aqua Spa Slowly but surely this little cafe is becoming more popular. It was only a matter of time, not that it matters at all it’s never going to become as popular as the main buffet for breakfast. Being situated towards the front […]

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  • Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Review – Continued

    April 18th 2016, Day 2 – Destination Nassau. We were the first ship in Nassau at 7am which was pleasant, especially knowing that this place can get overrun with tourists. Anyway we had a planned to go out with Mickey & Jelena for today and see a special part of Nassau, of which I will […]

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  • Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Review – 13 Night Transatlantic Crossing

      The day is here and we are about to embark on another adventure. This time we are going to cross the Atlantic on the Celebrity Eclipse, a 13 night cruise leaving Miami. We will be visiting Nassau in the Bahamas then Kings Wharf in Bermuda, after that we have 6 days at sea before […]

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  • The Moment When The Customs Officer Tells You You’ve Overstayed

    I’m writing this while sat in the luxury of our hotel room in Miami, (thanks for the upgrade, more on that later). However, in a blink of an eye this could have been a totally different scenario… We spent the night in Hostal El Hangar in Rionegro which is just 3 minutes by shuttle to […]

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  • Norwegian Escape 7 night Caribbean Cruise Review

      This is a quick Norwegian Escape cruise review from our 7 night Caribbean Cruise between 13th February to 20th February 2016. I say a ‘quick cruise review’ as my first Norwegian Escape cruise review from the Inaugural Transatlantic crossing goes into lots of detail about the entire ship, so if you’re looking to get an […]

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  • Michelin Star Lunch at La Tour Des Vents in Monbazillac

      Day 510 – July 24th, 2015. About an hours drive from Pellegrue in the Gironde region of France where we are staying is the one Michelin star restaurant La Tour De Vents. This restaurant boasts not only a Michelin star but also a view to challenge any fine meal. Today we decided to make […]

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  • Day Trip to Ciudad Bolívar in Antioquia

      Last year when we visited Medellin we managed to do a few trips out of the city to Jardin and Mariquita in Tolima. This year we have managed just the one so far, not because we didn’t want to do a bit more sight-seeing but Moni has been so busy of late with the launch […]

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